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Friday, 26 September, 2014

.......not really. As you've all guessed from the frequency of my posts, I love simple, tangible reality - the onscreen, online simulations of life, commerce, and communication just don't do it for me. Plus, you cannot get genuine personal interaction and real customer service from automatically created responses expressed in exactly the same pixels that the next account holder will also see on their own little screen.

So, I shall remain stubbornly anachronistic and proudly out-of-date, in the old-fashioned world of things that you can see, and physically try on, and compare against two dozen alternatives right there and then. You know, the pre-digital universe where you deal with a real person with real knowledge in real time, and then you end up with exactly the piece you were looking for - in your hand, immediately. Plus, let's face it - no virtual scenario could replace the huge range of real experiences that you can have when you visit the amazing range of traders, shops, and venues that Camden Lock currently has to offer.

This does not mean to say that it will always be impossible to buy my selection of metallic delights online - I truly never say never. I just don't believe in half-measures, or kind-of, sort-of doing things. Which means that unless I can offer a total all-singing, all-dancing, 100% perfect online approach, then I will not do it at all. Until I am ready, and completely satisfied with the whole thing.

In the meantime, I truly appreciate all of your efforts and investment of time and money involved in coming to shop at our market in person. I know that many of you have to travel from far and wide in order to get to us, and we are all genuinely grateful to you for doing so. In return, I shall always be grafting away, and making sure that your trip is a happy and worthwhile one.

More power to you all, and thank you.