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One more signature on the dotted line?

Thursday, 2 April, 2020


I know, I know - we are all suffering from petition fatigue, on top of everything else.

But, this one is really important - vital for so many wonderful independent traders and creative people right now. 

Newly self-employed people have already taken a massive leap of faith in setting up their own micro-businesses in the first place - they are no strangers to the stressful environment of gambling their entire future upon the potential of a bright idea, trusting only to hope and inspiration and sheer hard work. Yet the situation they now face post Covid-19 is off the scale - unprecedented and impossible to survive without financial assistance. 

The same protection that has been generously offered to the majority of us should clearly be extended to them too - they deserve nothing less.

So please, put your name to this petition too.

Stay happy, healthy, safe and sound - you all.