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Thursday, 26 April, 2018

Oh yes indeed - this Goth Weekend has a great new trading area Upstairs at the Spa Pavilion Hall, West Cliff, Whitby - of course. Meaning the large hall where the evening's bands were playing at the last October Weekend, which is now full of a splendid array of seriously alternative kit and caboodle for your delectation and purchase. More light and airy, and with wider aisles for you wonderful folk to throng through - a very fine idea by the WGW people, of which we all heartily approve.

Splatt! and Kchoom! are to be found in this new area, easily located near the landmark of the New Rock Footwear emporium - which is straight ahead of you when you walk into the hall. Our plethora of new and quirky metallic delights are on the second last pitch on the far left hand walkway. Plenty more reasons for a well deserved venture to this iconic event, we reckon.....