Exclusively alternative jewellery


Wednesday, 29 March, 2017

Greetings to all of you wonderful Splatt! folk, and welcome to a whole new world of wonders for the upper parts of your ears. Hinged segment rings - either clean and simple or with cast feather and flower designs and sparkly inlays. Double-ended cast designs like skulls, needles and nails on straight bars for helix and forward helix piercings. A huge choice of colours from classic hi-polish, gold and black PVD hypoallergenic coatings and anodised multi-coloured.

They have just landed, and sit proudly on my display counter awaiting your inspection and approval. 100% solid surgical material in every part - finely crafted designs to treasure and sport happily ever after. So, come on down to the Lock Market and refresh your adornments with some truly original additions......