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Friday, 15 January, 2016

Which as spells an unplanned break in trading, folks. Despite my unshakeable conviction that I am truly invincible and indestructible, I am now having to admit to a temporary bout of fragile mere mortal status due to a dodgy and ill-advised attempt to lift a box of my own wares. I mean, it is hardly the first time that I had to lift a heavy box, in my nigh-on two decades of market trading. But, even though I know full-well how to do the job properly and safely, I had to go an be a daft 'ap'orth, and tweak my back by going all gung-ho and not concentrating on how I was stupidly both lifting and twisting at the same time.

Ah well, my back and I shall be back, after my back is rested, nurtured and placated - and have no fear, I will be returning to full trading fettle just as soon as it is prudent . So, please do bear with me as l take a wee while off work to fix myself, and to make sure that it does not simply re-occur because I didn't let it heal up fully. That way, we can all get back into a familiarly happy and shiny groove for the rest of the forseeable......

My sincere apologies for not being available for a couple of weeks, but I do I really look forward to seeing you all over a stall very soon.

Thank you most kindly indeed.....