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HUMBUG, OR......?

Thursday, 29 November, 2018

Hearing the toe-curling strains of Aled Jones since early November had the SPLATT! and KCHOOM! Cringe-ometers registering danger levels, with the urge to say "Humbug to it all" never far from our minds. It has been accurately summarised elsewhere on social media that none of the twelve days of Christmas are in November, and no-one feels the urge to start preparing for Bonfire night 6 weeks before the event either........

However, we do gladly report to you that the centre of York is truly buzzing now - the positive side to the complete over-cooking of the whole festive melange is that it does offer even more good reasons to visit our lovely trading home. The St Nick's Xmas market is chock-full of fine independent offerings of course, and our Shambles Market is bedecked with celebratory trimmings - a fitting backdrop to all the extra traders who are turning out regularly just now, and trading later than usual too....

So whether you love or loathe the whole festival of material excess that is now upon us, you will most surely enjoy a visit to our little chunk of York's iconic and historic trading hub. And there's every chance that you will come away with some gifts that perfectly combine the quirky and the unusual with real value and quality.

Ho ho ho.