Exclusively alternative jewellery


Monday, 29 January, 2018

For that is our regular Friday pitch within the York Shambles Market where we await your arrival each week. Ever busy tweaking and expanding the panoply of jewellery delights on offer from our little emporium, and working toward the elusive goal of totally shiny perfection....

Number 22 can be found just behind a stall called "That Fudge Guy" - the excellent mecca for all those with sweeter teeth, run by Roy who can also be found there every week. Your other easy landmarks within the compact and yet bijoux market square are the fishmonger's units run by Cross of York, and the ever-popular Swain's family butchers - which are in turn located opposite Roy's Fudge stall, and the Henshelwood's Deli shop on the corner of the street cryptically named 'Patrick Pool'........

Our regular trading locations for other days of the week are gradually being selected and agreed with all concerned, and we'll let you know their whereabouts as soon as all has been confirmed.

Looking forward to catching up with you all there soon.