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Saturday, 22 April, 2017

From the bottom of my heart, my sincere thanks to Alan Jones, Eamon Stack, Matthew Benson, Kate O'Sullivan, Jake Emms, midweek Martini, and all the other market managers who allowed me become a part of such an amazing community of traders. Who gave me the time and space to nurture and grow my business, and to be able to be truly independent as my own boss for the first time in my life. Their enlightened approach to the whole site created the wonderful environment in which such a disparate band of creative misfits, maverick entrepreneurs, and bonkers characters could co-exist and thrive - giving a supportive working home to all of we lucky Camden Lock folk.

To all my friends and neighbours, to all of the storage guys, and all of the security teams - a happy band of equals who co-operate and look out for each other so well - who will always be my London family. The people of the Lock are the place - the bricks and mortar are simply the platform, the stage upon which the daily dramas and cheerful banter between the traders and customers bring the space to life in a unique way. The atmosphere, the sights, sounds and smells of the site are indelibly imprinted upon my psyche - the memories will stay with me forever.

Thank you one and all.